Sorry...sick children have hampered my efforts and I can't make it. So sorry! :(


  1. I'm so sorry:( You were so excited too. I hope your kids feel better soon!

  1. Hope the kiddos feel better:)

  1. :(:( I was worried b/c I've been dealing w/ various things all day and when I sat down I was like, ahhhh! I should've typed in the intro and links beforehand. I went over 6 minutes and was praying I didn't mess you up. I don't think I'd make a good reporter w/ all the deadlines, lol. Hope it's only a 24 hour thing w/ the kids.

  1. Thanks guys.

  1. The link to the next blog on the list is

    Hope the kids are feeling better!!

  1. Aww, that's too bad. Hope they feel better, and thanks for letting us know, keeping the story alive in spite of not being able to post. Missed you!

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