Yesterday I set myself the challenge of reading The Sisters Grimm and attempting a review of the book today.
Bad news...I failed!

There were many contributing factors to my inability to meet this somewhat ambitious goal - a toddler who decided that she no longer wants to go to Playcentre with Granny; an exceptionally busy supermarket; lack of a trolley suitable for a baby and toddler to name but a few.

Some - my husband for one - might say that perhaps I ought to set smaller, more realistic goals but I like to look at this as an inevitable part of being a writer.

In an ideal world I'd write a story, do a bit of editing, send it off to a big NY publisher, and receive a phone call a few months later begging me to sign a contract. Unfortunately that's about as likely as me winning the Euro millions lottery this weekend. I'm sure there are many rejection letter in store for me, just as there will be many occasions where I'll fail to achieve a personal goal. It's hardly worth beating myself up about it...especially as I've still got to take Roland for a walk. He wouldn't be impressed if he missed out on his daily constitutional!

All I can do is try again tomorrow. So that's what I'll do!
C'est la vie :)


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