Today I've decided to invest a little time in planning my MG mystery novel. Although I'm still in the process of reading and researching I decided that getting to know my main character (MC) is aspect of my story I can start on.

One recurring message I've picked up has been the importance of investing time in getting to know your MC. Knowing your MC intimately is what helps the direction and development of an exciting plot.

There are a whole list of questions to help writers get to know their MC. The four most important things you need to consider are:
1. What MC's goal is
2. What the MC's motivation is for wanting to achieve their goal
3. What obstacles  stand in his way and stop him from achieving his goal 
and one final question that I wasn't an obvious part of my brainstorm until reading an article on the CBI website (it's a great site - you should really consider joining if you're not already a member)
4. What might happen if the MC gets what he wants?

There are countless other questions to consider too. 

Tip: I found it useful to play a game of Truth or Dare with my main character. I asked questions about his dreams, goal, fears...and noted his response to dares - this helped me to identify contrasting characteristics e.g. confident cool kid who doesn't care what people think about him but in reality cares deeply about what people think.

Another idea that sprang to mind was the idea of taking your MC on a speed date...or kid equivalent - perhaps more of a quickfire 'find a friend' meeting. 

The list of questions to ask is endless! Take time to get to know your MC, and remember to avoid stereotypes as they make for a very boring and predictable story.

P.S. Feel free to leave a comment or ask questions. I'd love to hear from you!


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