I now know what it's like to be a fly on the wall!

Yesterday I spent about an hour getting to know my main character (MC). Initially he was a bit abstract, but it didn't take long before I was transported into his world - his home, school, and local hang-out spots.

Allowing myself that time to daydream was immensely helpful. Not only did I suss out the seemingly basic aspect of physical appearance, I was able to see how his physical appearance affects both his personality/mannerisms and those of the people around him too.  Annoying habits and speech patterns abounded and my pen could hardly keep up!

Suddenly my view began to expand. He was no longer a solo character but part of a family and peer group too. In trying to figure out his place in the family my rough sketch became a vivid family portrait filled with memories. By watching him at school I got flashbacks of all his school experiences - past, present, and future.

Another unexpected benefit of being a fly on the wall has been the development of a cast of secondary characters and a potential antagonist.

I've yet to figure out the answers to the BIG 4 (see previous post) but I'm sure as the day progresses and I continue to tune in to my MC they'll become clearer. I suspect that they may remain a little elusive until I figure out what sort of crime my MC is going to have to solve...

Until next time, happy writing ;)


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