I'd be lying if I said that applying myself to the task of children's writer was my life-long ambition. It simply isn't true. In fact it hadn't ever occurred to me that I might be remotely interested in writing for children until my husband stomped his foot down and demanded that I find myself a hobby.

After much thought, a lot of web-surfing and by process of elimination...not sporty, not a drinker, not in the habit of being a regular 'coffee morning mum' thumped me over the head! Why not pool my regular enjoyment of children's books (an occupational hazard for a Mum and Teacher), with the pleasure of writing, and the nagging desire to dismantle these seemingly 'cute little stories' to discover the art of generating an awesome story. 

And thus my journey began. Needless to say there was an audible sigh of relief from the lounge as I informed my love of this new-found enterprise, whilst making the dinner one evening. 

Next time: Where to start? What organisations are worth knowing about? Where to go to find out the ins-and-outs of the different children's literature genres?


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